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Do You Remember A Time When Life Was Good And Your Body Felt Great?


Well now you can realize some of, if not all of those feelings again.  The lack of hGH in the body greatly diminishes our strength; stamina; skin appearance; ability to lose weight; sexual desire; metabolism; sleep; concentration and memory among other things.



Growth Hormone is produced in the pituitary gland which is a part of our endocrine system. This system also includes our adrenal glands and thyroid gland among others.  As part of our endocrine system, they secrete hormones directly in the blood rather than through a duct. hGH that comes from our pituitary gland, is also known as the body's master hormone.  It triggers growth in the very young, and sexual maturity in the adolescent.  Unfortunately, this growth hormone declines tremendously as we age and usually takes with it, the vigor and vitality we once possessed when we were younger.  When we surpass our reproductive years, it slows down and then stops.

hGH somatotrophin is very expensive.  Most of the time, it's medically used by physicians as an injection.  We are one of only a few companies offering this level of hGH replacement in a homeopathic spray that can be obtained without a prescription.  Don't be confused with hGH pills or products that claim their product can stimulate the body to produce more human growth hormone.  The pituitary gland will not produce the hGH  we need for the daily nourishment of the body, once we pass a certain age. The only way to supply the body with more hGH is to replace it.





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